Collection Mechanism

Collection of unpaid wages and salaries

Cross border connections

“BEYOND BORDERS” - a solid & efficient tool to track down fugitives outside UAE

We believe our main Competitive Advantage lies in our wide cross border legal connection network in:
   Most Arab Countries

Collecting commercial debt

Dynamic Collection Procedure

Leveraging on its highly professional team, Sadad has a strong capability to dynamically structure and easily amend the procedure it decides to follow for each recovery request. This is implemented on a case by case basis and throughout the entire process, to ensure optimum results in light of the variable nature of each situation.

Among the wide array of tools, the collection procedure may include, but not limited to, direct communication, negotiation, settlement agreements, legal notices, litigations (only when necessary), etc.

Settlement of real estate disputes

Efficient & professional team

Sadad enjoys a highly efficient and professional Team, capable of structuring action plans that are highly effective, both in terms of cost and time.

The Team strictly adheres to the Company’s Code of Ethics including integrity, accountability & confidentiality.

The action plan and timeline for debt recovery depend on :
   The type of debt
   Age of the debt
   Location of the debtor

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