About Us

SADAD debt collection is a legal financial company specializing settlement and collection and purchase of all types of debt, whether due or overdue or bad, where we handle all the burdens and responsibilities of debt collection at reasonable cost beneficial to the creditor as soon as possible and less expensive, and the debtor where he is receiving from our advice and practical solutions and legal to pay off his debt.

Our Vision

SADAD Office of Debt Collection seeks to achieve higher efficiency rates in the debt collection to its customers as quickly and at the lowest cost with a commitment to professional ethics and fully maintain customer interest with the utmost precision, honesty and confidentiality.

Our Mission

To work hard with our maximum force, to return the Outstanding debt and non-performing debts, inside and outside the state, provide the opinion of the financial experts and legal experts, and access to the final solutions that benefit our customers, TO EARN THEIR TRUST.


  • Full compliance with the laws of the United Arab Emirate.

  • Maintaining the confidentiality and privacy of both the client and the debtor.

  • Use the highest international standards in the field of debt collection.

  • To provide practical solutions for debtors without compromising or waiver of any rights of our customers.
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